Data Analytics

3 Data-Driven Strategies to Improve Operational Efficiency

Discover 3 data-driven strategies that two leaders used to improve operational efficiency and promote growth and minimize spending at their organization.

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3 Data Management Best Practices Lumevity Uses to Improve Business Operations

Learn about three of the data management best practices that Highmark Health and its subsidiary Lumevity use to improve business operations.

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The Ultimate Guide to Data Analytics & Why It’s Important

Understand everything you need to know about what data analytics is, why it’s so important, and the different types of data analytics.

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data strategy consultant

4 Key Qualities of a Data Strategy Consultant

Here are the benefits of hiring a data strategy consultant and four key qualities your data strategy consultant should have.

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data management consultant

What to Ask a Data Management Consultant Before Hiring Them

Finding the right data management consultant can be tricky. Here are the questions you should ask a data management consultant during interviews.

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data science and sales strategy

Expert Perspectives: Apply Data Science and Analytics to Your Sales Strategy

Learn from an industry expert about why you should apply data science and analytics to your sales strategy and how this partnership will drive ROI.

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