Why are the first 100 days after a transaction so important?


Flexible, fit-to-purpose consulting services

Catalant is a platform that connects companies to vetted independent consultants for right-sized engagements where proven expertise is required.

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Welcome to the era we call Consulting 2.0 –  Flexible solutions to solve complex business problems.

As economic uncertainty drives the need for continual transformation, companies need faster access to outside expertise. Traditional consulting firms can bring a stamp of approval, but that’s no longer enough for today’s complex problems. The pressure to move quickly and operate more efficiently forces companies to seek more practical solutions. 


Catalant gives you access to a network of thousands of experienced business professionals, matching you to people who have solved your specific problem before.

Independent Consultants

Find 1 or 2 individuals for scoped projects with clear deliverables. 


Fit-for-purpose teams of consultants and former operators for large-scale transformation and operations work.

Program Managers & Interim Execs

Fill critical skill set and capacity gaps for transformations and functional leadership.

Welcome to a new era of consulting

We call it Consulting 2.0 because it’s consulting built for the modern world: it’s flexible, right-sized, and transparent.


Solve problems more quickly with Consulting 2.0. Leaders across an organization can tap into action-oriented business expertise whenever they need it.

Private Equity Firms

Get support for deal teams and operating partners across the full deal cycle. Partner with Catalant’s highly skilled independent consultants for diligence and value creation at speed.

Consulting Firms

Deliver more value to your clients and scale the depth and breadth of your consulting bench. Leverage the experience of independent consultants from top firms and Fortune 500 giants.

Corporate Strategy

Human Resources & Organization

Digital Transformation & Technology

Market Research

Operations & Process Improvement

Sales & Marketing

Data & Business Analytics

Supply Chain

Finance & Accounting

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100,000 vetted independent consultants

Elite Expertise

Independent consultants on Catalant are subject-matter experts, former Fortune 500 operators, Engagement Managers and Partners from Big 3 consulting firms. These industry pros have the right expertise to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Select an individual, compose a team, or hire a boutique firm. Interested in offering your expertise as a Catalant Expert? Apply Now


Average years of experience


Experts with Fortune 500 experience


Experts from top consultancies

Empowering 700+ businesses in over 20 countries

Empowering 700+ businesses in over 20 countries

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The “First 100 Days” Strategy:
A Blueprint for Accelerated Value Creation

When and How to Use a Consulting Marketplace

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Kick off a project within a few minutes by posting a project need inside of your Catalant account. Unsure of where to start, or how to write a good project posting? We’re here to help!

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