Case Study Money Mart Financial Services

How Money Mart Financial Services uses elite expertise for growth.

The Problem 

When your business is money, risk is your enemy. At Money Mart Financial Services, executing a growth strategy required elite expertise to assess risk and deliver sound advice.

The Catalant platform helps Money Mart manage the future of work by consistently providing them access to elite Experts who require minimal guidance — allowing the organization to focus on growth without the risk and maintain agility

Money Mart operates over 700 retail branches that offer financial products such as check cashing, pre-paid debit cards, and consumer loans. As company leaders sought to add new products to the portfolio, they struggled to understand the risks associated with new acquisitions. Internal teams did not have the right experience, and traditional consulting firms took too much time and energy to manage (while producing mediocre results). 

“We can test things out pretty without having to take on additional headcount. It de-risks every potential opportunity.”

Nick Bosch
Director, Global Product Development & Management

The Solution

The Catalant platform gave Money Mart fast access to high-quality expertise, helping business leaders execute better on their overall strategy of growth through acquisition.

The organization first deployed Catalant when assessing a potential acquisition in Canada. With little in-house experience in the industry,  Director of Global Product Development & Management Nick Bosch turned to Catalant’s Expert Marketplace. With over 65,000 elite consultants to choose from, Bosch was able to find the right industry specialist to help evaluate the potential acquisition.

Since that early success, Bosch has turned to Catalant frequently to get the answers his team needs without unnecessarily bloating the team or distracting from his core management responsibilities. Catalant Experts have helped with everything from market research to board presentations. Access to the Catalant Expert Marketplace empowers Money Mart to move faster while reducing risk. 

“We can test things out pretty without having to take on additional headcount. It de-risks every potential opportunity,” says Bosch. 

Finding experts with exactly the right expertise also frees Bosch and his team from having to spend too much time directing the project. Traditional consulting, Bosch says, typically requires a burdensome amount of hand-holding compared to independent experts. 

“I don’t have to babysit consultants from Catalant,” he says.

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