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Catalant has spent ten years helping top-tier independent consultants and boutique firms forge their paths and build their practices. Collaborate with expert talent and find meaningful work with leading brands through a partnership with Catalant.

Why partner with Catalant?

Build your consulting practice

  • Access resources and tools that empower you to grow and manage a thriving independent consulting practice.
  • Get in front of Fortune 1000 companies and prestigious private equity and consulting firms that already partner with independent consultants through the Catalant platform. 
  • Refine your messaging and learn how to improve your chances of winning more clients.

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Collaborate and network with other independent consultants

  • Join a community of successful and high-achieving independent consultants with whom you can connect, network, share best practices, and more.
  • Identify other Experts with the precise experience to effectively collaborate on client work.
  • Build lasting professional relationships with fellow independent consultants.

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Engage with leading global organizations, private equity firms, and consulting firms

  • Serve clients at enterprises and firms around the world including the Fortune 1000 and deliver the results they need.
  • Identify opportunities to serve new clients on qualified work while reducing sales cycle times. 
  • Build a base of social proof around your brand in the form of reviews, testimonials, and case studies.

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In my 25 years of running a boutique consulting firm, I’ve certainly had challenges related to client development and establishing an ecosystem that includes other consultants. Catalant helps mitigate both of these challenges and enables my growth.

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