Traditional consulting is just that – traditional

Welcome to Consulting 2.0

Catalant brings you a new, digitally-enabled form of consulting built for the modern world. It’s fit-for-purpose, right sized, and cost effective.

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A New Era of Consulting

Consulting should be more flexible. With Catalant’s platform, it is.

Consulting spend is under the microscope, leaving executives questioning the value of big-ticket consulting engagements. Catalant unbundles consulting and provides just the right amount of expertise, at the right time, for a fair and transparent price. This is Consulting 2.0.

Career advisors – not operators

Rigid team – long-term commitments with upsell

Slower to staff, onboard, and execute

High margin business – juniors billed out at 5x cost

Accessible across the organization

Operators, Ex-consultants, SMEs

Short or long engagements, add expertise as needed

Tech-enabled to find people and get started quickly

Transparent pricing with payment directly to workers


Catalant gives you access to a network of thousands of experienced business professionals, matching you to people who have solved your specific problem before.

Independent Consultants

Find 1 or 2 individuals for scoped projects with clear deliverables. 


Fit-for-purpose teams of consultants and former operators for large-scale transformation and operations work.

Program Managers & Interim Execs

Fill critical skill set and capacity gaps for transformations and functional leadership.

What our clients say

Industry pros, ready to solve your toughest challenges

More Customer Stories

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[The Catalant Expert] was highly professional and disciplined and returned incredibly high work products reliably, on time and on budget. She brought a wealth of expertise to multiple topics and disciplines and overall was one of the best experiences I have had in 25 years of working with dozens of different high end management consultants.
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[The Catalant Expert] wasted no time getting up to speed and delivering impactful insights and high-quality deliverables that exceeded top-tier consulting reports. He needed little to no direction; he listened to our key questions and delivered targeted responses that we could use directly in our investment memos. Beyond that, he was flexible, reliable, and extremely easy to work with.
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[The Catalant Expert] did incredible work! He is the rare combination of a true business consultant who can understand complex problems and identify requirements, plus a top-level software engineer who can create solutions to the problems he has identified. A very unique skillset to find in one great to work with individual!
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[The Catalant Expert] came into our company to build out a new capability and hit the ground running from day one. She surpassed expectations and delivered such a strong performance that we made a full-time hire to build on the excellent work which was delivered.

Consulting 2.0 in action

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