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Feature Release: Announcing Public Expert Profiles


You’ve created a great profile — now you can promote your capabilities to future clients.

We’re excited to announce that all independent consultants and firms in Catalant’s Expert Marketplace now have the ability to further promote their capabilities by making their Catalant profiles public. Public profiles have been carefully designed to make it easier for potential clients to initiate a conversation or launch a project with you.

As an expert, activating this new feature will allow you to build your business through new channels by sharing your profile with people outside of Catalant (in addition to the many Catalant clients accessing our platform on a daily basis). You can share your Catalant profile in email correspondence, social media, blog posts, and other digital demand generation channels, making it easier for potential clients to view your skills and work experience, read about the types of projects you like to take on, and skim ratings and reviews from your previous engagements. This level of access and detail will give potential clients better insight into the value you bring to their businesses.


In terms of visibility, Catalant will make your profile available to be found in major search engines to help potential clients looking for your area of expertise find you. Our hope is that this level of visibility will allow you to more easily generate inbound leads for your business. 

Ultimately, allowing all experts and firms to promote their capabilities publicly is another step in Catalant’s ongoing mission of helping our network to build continuity between demand generation, sales efforts, and work execution and providing the centralized tools, resources, and workspace they need to grow their consulting practices.

Need help executing strategic work? Accessing expertise just got even easier.

We’re always looking for ways to make working through Catalant’s Expert Marketplace a faster, easier, and more customer-centric experience.

In giving qualified consultants and firms the ability to make their Catalant profiles public and to expand into new channels, we’re also creating more ways for businesses to find and engage the right people for the right work at the right time.

As a business looking to flexibly engage external expertise, there have historically been multiple ways to get started on Catalant:

  1. Expert Marketplace Briefly describe your business need and post a custom project to our Expert Marketplace, which typically generates interest from qualified candidates in less than 48 hours.
  2. Marketplace Services:  Browse through pre-scoped projects on Marketplace Services and contact consultants directly. This can be a faster way to get the conversation started, especially for more common project types and quicker-hit engagements.

Though the main channel through which customers will continue to engage Catalant is directly through our platform, we’ve received many requests for public profiles to be shared across teams and networks.  To better address the needs of our customers, Catalant has created public expert profiles.  

With this launch, you will now be able to easily share public expert profiles with your colleagues outside of Catalant. If someone on your team is looking for help executing important work — from corporate strategy to project management to market research to data science — you can help to get them started by sending a couple profiles their way.

Of course, you can also encourage them to sign up for the Expert Marketplace directly or to introduce them to our team — we’re always happy to help!

Catalant’s Expert Marketplace has the talent and technology to help you get from strategy to execution faster.

Through years of developing Catalant’s Expert Marketplace and SaaS platform with our enterprise customers, we’ve learned that uniting the right capabilities with the right technology is indispensable for scaling with large companies and evolving with their changing needs.

Our Expert Marketplace is an efficient, scalable way to find the right resource at the right time for your company’s most important work, giving you direct access to the knowledge and skills you need to execute
your strategies.

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