Supply Chain

Improve resource allocation, streamline logistics, and achieve cost-effective resilience with Catalant Experts who specialize in supply chain management.

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Supply Chain

Project Types

Supply Chain Strategy

Design plans to optimize your supply chain, ensuring efficiency, resilience, and cost-effectiveness.

Supply Chain Transformation

Design and implement strategic changes that boost efficiency, cut costs, and align with evolving business needs.

Strategic Sourcing, Logistics & Procurement

Cohesive strategies to source, manage logistics, and procure resources efficiently that optimize costs and enhance operational excellence.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Data-driven methods to predict demand patterns accurately, allowing for efficient resource allocation and inventory management.

And more…

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Digital & Analytics Support
  • Benchmarking

Experts in Supply Chain

Check out some of our vetted Experts ready to help your team.

Stacy S.

Chicago, IL

Ex-Kearney | Supply Chain | Pricing | Profitability

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Lockerbie & Co.

New York, NY

Boutique consultancy (M/WBE; LGBTQ; DBE Certified)

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Arsen P.

Chicago, IL

Strategy & Supply Chain Expert

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Matt W.

Milwaukee, WI

Supply Chain Leadership and Expertise

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