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Strategic flexibility for periods of bullish growth or bearish uncertainty.

The pace of change in business has accelerated. Throughout it all, one problem continues to plague enterprise executives: stalled critical work. A partnership with Catalant gives enterprises resiliency through immediate access to the high-quality, relevant business expertise of people who’ve solved the same problems before. It’s easier than hiring full-time talent, and less costly than a big consulting firm.

The Catalant Difference

Catalant’s Marketplace helps enterprises solve strategic business problems with highly-skilled talent.

Tens of Thousands of Consultants

Catalant offers enterprises access to more than 100,000 highly-skilled independent consultants with an average of 19+ years of work experience. Many of these consultants have backgrounds working for major consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies, bringing significant domain expertise to the table.

With Unique Strategic Expertise

Strategic problems require strategic problem-solving experts, especially as industries and job functions become increasingly specialized. Catalant’s Marketplace enables enterprises to identify consultants with the precise skill sets and experience required.

At a Fraction of the Cost

Tired of overpaying for consulting services? We call our model Consulting 2.0 because it’s consulting built for today’s world: fast, flexible, transparent, and fit-to-purpose, without any required minimums. Connect with a Catalant Expert in as little as one day, and get started working in about three weeks, on average.

Supported by a Dedicated Team

Catalant’s customer success and account teams offer custom support for your business. We help you and your team operationalize Consulting 2.0 as a go-to resource, with hands-on support for finding the right Expert for any need.

“The gig economy is surely alive and thriving in the world of Strategy and M&A. I have been a strong proponent of the model for the past decade – keeping a lean team internally and leveraging experts from outside for topical specialty as well as for capacity spikes. Catalant has been a key partner for me and they are by far the best marketplace I have worked with. The quality of experts on Catalant’s platform, the speed at which we are able to get access to the right talent, and the results we’ve achieved from use of this talent model have been spectacular. It ensures greater flexibility as well as lower cost vs. engagements with traditional consulting firms.”

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