High-end, custom consulting services  

Assemble a team of former consulting partners and operators to attack strategic, transformational, or operational work at a fraction of the cost of a traditional firm.

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Catalant Teams

Operations and Transformation

Replace large traditional firms with custom teams specifically tailored to your scope of work. Teams are led by ex-consultants with extensive operating experience and deep subject matter expertise.

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Strategy Consulting

Strategy Advisory for C-Suite

Replace MBB and work directly with the Acropolis Advisors partnership team –  some of the greatest strategy thought leaders of our generation – for strategic advisory needs. 

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Consulting should be more flexible. With Catalant, it is.

Large-scale transformation and operations work is most effective when working with former operators who have solved your problem before. We provide just the right amount of expertise, at the right time, for follow-on strategy work, transformation initiatives, and operational execution. This is Consulting 2.0.

A New Era of Consulting

Consulting should be more flexible. With Catalant’s platform, it is.

Consulting spend is under the microscope, leaving executives questioning the value of big-ticket consulting engagements. Catalant unbundles consulting and provides just the right amount of expertise, at the right time, for a fair and transparent price. This is Consulting 2.0.

Career advisors – not operators

Rigid team – long-term commitments with upsell

Slower to staff, onboard, and execute

High margin business – juniors billed out at 5x cost

Accessible across the organization

Operators, Ex-consultants, SMEs

Short or long engagements, add expertise as needed

Tech-enabled to find people and get started quickly

Transparent pricing with payment directly to workers

How custom teams work

1. Bring Catalant to the Table

Whether it’s an RFP, developing an investment thesis, or exploring firm alternatives, bring Catalant to the decision table and discuss the work to be done.   

2. Identify a Team Leader

Catalant short-lists a group of vetted seasoned executives with prior consulting experience for the client to choose an Engagement Manager, the person to lead the project and the team.

3. Build Supporting Team

Based on the project’s scope, the Engagement Manager and Catalant advisors assemble a case team from our network of 100k independent consultants

4. Execute with Experience

This custom team leverages the tools, frameworks, models, and methodologies learned from their diverse experiences as industry operators and top-tier consultants.

4. White-Glove Attention

Catalant ensures a unified working team and proposal with clear team structure, workstreams, and implementation plans, and stays engaged through the duration of the project.

6. Flex Up Or Down As Needed

Unlike a traditional consulting team, you’re not stuck with a static team. Specific expertise can be pulled in or out, on demand, as a project needs change. Work with and pay for only the resources you need as they’re needed.

Illustrative team utilizing Catalant Teams service

Unparalleled & immediate access to augment your Catalant Team as needed

  • Experts on the Catalant platform have 20+ years of experience on average
  • Catalant has partners, principals, and engagement managers from every major consulting firm, specializing across industries
  • Capability to add SMEs from our network of over 100,000 Experts in 24-48 hours

Learn more about how Catalant can build a custom team for your organization.

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Learn more about how Catalant can build a custom team for your organization. Contact Us


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