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How To Engage A Freelance Marketplace for Strategic Work

The great resignation has left significant gaps in business progress and productivity, forcing enterprise leaders to reevaluate the fundamental way they get strategic work done. Talented employees leaving critical full-time positions are seeking more flexibility and autonomy, and are finding that in the growing gig economy. An influx of extremely talented, experienced consultants are delivering high-quality project-based work to their clients through freelance marketplaces for strategic work. 

Learn what a freelance marketplace for strategic work is, how it can benefit your business, and how to get started.  

What is a freelance marketplace?

A freelance marketplace enables organizations to get work done by tapping into today’s growing gig economy. Freelance marketplaces connect freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants with businesses that need their talent and services. 

What is a freelance marketplace for strategic work?

A freelance marketplace for strategic work functions the same way as a freelance marketplace but delivers a higher level of talent. Business leaders can quickly harness the power of independent consultants and subject matter experts to accomplish their most critical, strategic goals.

Where other freelance marketplaces connect companies with contractors for tactical and small-scale projects, freelance marketplaces for strategic work connect enterprise leaders with independent consultants who have deep expertise in solving critical business problems. When faced with a talent gap for an important project — be it project management, market research, or strategic planning —  a business unit leader can turn to a strategic marketplace platform to find an experienced consultant for the job.

what is a freelance marketplace for strategic work?

4 Best Practices to Leverage A Freelance Marketplace For Strategic Work At Your Organization

Today’s business world looks drastically different today than it did just two years ago. The global pandemic’s impact on business operations, digital transformation, and talent resources (or lack thereof) has forced a new way of thinking among executives. As change outpaces traditional planning cycles, business leaders have been forced to embrace a more agile approach to planning. They must identify, assess, and concretely respond to opportunities and threats as they happen.

Independent consulting resources are helping leading organizations tackle the biggest challenges in their businesses quickly and efficiently — this is why leading enterprises are seeing the most significant benefits from a partnership with a freelance marketplace for strategic work when it’s deployed across the entirety of the organization. When the unexpected leaves organizations lacking internal resources for newly prioritized projects, on-demand talent plays a pivotal role in filling in the gaps. But there are best practices to consider when launching to drive results quickly and consistently. 

1. Get multi-level buy-in before you begin.

A strategic freelance marketplace can deliver significant value across all levels of the organization. But like most business efforts, if done in a silo, its potential ROI diminishes. The use of marketplaces without executive sponsorship and visibility can turn into disparate and disconnected use cases across an organization. Individual hiring managers or business units may reap the benefits, but the company is leaving behind massive unfulfilled potential.

2. Give the setup process the attention it deserves.

The right contracting setup is critical to getting started. Make sure stakeholders from your Finance and HR teams are engaged early in the process to ensure organizational requirements are met. As a business leader, stay engaged in this process so risk mitigation doesn’t come at the cost of business value, speed, or talent quality for your team or organization. 

3. Prioritize projects based on immediate impact.

The value of a freelance marketplace can be delivered almost immediately if your organization knows which projects you’ll start with upon engagement. As part of your internal onboarding process, consider the operational areas where an external expert would deliver the greatest value quickly, and start there. 

4. Lean on Customer Success expertise to drive the greatest value.

Don’t try to tackle the expert engagement process on your own. Find a marketplace that has a robust customer success team to help manage your needs and provide higher levels of service. A knowledgeable customer success team can help you find independent consultants with the exact expertise your team needs.  

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