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Insights and research on the future of work, agile consulting, and flexible strategic planning and execution.

Catalant’s 2023 Agile Consulting Trends Report

Download the Agile Consulting Trends Report to understand how leading organizations, private equity firms, and consulting firms navigated constant change throughout 2022 and how your organization can apply these trends to your 2023 plan to operate efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

4 Recession Strategies for Private Equity

Private equity has proven its ability to remain resilient and capable of growth amid ongoing uncertainty and market volatility. This free private equity playbook offers four recession strategies from independent consultants and subject matter experts on the Catalant platform.

Leading through Uncertainty: Key Learnings from Catalant’s Executive Strategy Session

These top learnings from the renowned speakers at Catalant’s 2022 Executive Strategy session can help your organization can navigate times of uncertainty.

Strategic Planning in an Era of Uncertainty

Discover the most effective ways to approach strategic planning and execution amidst constant change.

Understanding the New Rules of Work With Joe Fuller

Develop a stronger understanding of the new rules of work from Harvard professor Joseph B. Fuller — he discusses the talent landscape and new talent models.

2022 Private Equity Operating Partners Playbook

To effectively navigate today’s rapidly-changing business environment, Private Equity firms are reconsidering how they operate and leverage external talent for value creation and project-focused work. An agile business problem-solving strategy enables Operating Partners to deliver on high-impact value creation initiatives with greater speed and efficiency across the portfolio.

Agile Business Problem Solving in 2022

Over the past two years, the world in which enterprises plan and operate has significantly changed. This new whitepaper from Catalant and renowned business analyst and researcher Andrew Karpie evaluates the development and significant impact of an agile business problem-solving capability.

Destination: 2022

Now is the time for strategy leaders to understand the impact of ongoing market volatility and chart a new path forward. In this exclusive eBook, you’ll uncover the strategies and practices employed by some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the world.

6 Elements of a Flexible Workforce

The future of work arrived ahead of schedule, thanks to a global pandemic, new technologies, and changing demographics. Today’s business leaders are rethinking their workforces, with 60% telling researchers they expect fewer full-time employees in the future while relying more on temporary freelance consultants and contractors.

4 Foundations of a Flexible Workforce

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way business leaders think about their teams and their operations. As millions of people were forced into remote work for the first time (and millions more forced out of jobs altogether), the future of work changed in a flash.