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24 Independent Consultants Who Can Keep Projects Moving During a Hiring Freeze

The layoff announcements from major global brands just keep coming. Big Tech companies like Meta, Salesforce, and Lyft and financial institutions like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have recently laid off significant percentages of their staff. Many companies that have avoided layoffs are turning to a less drastic but somewhat more ambiguous option: the hiring freeze

The Impact of a Hiring Freeze on Strategic Execution

Choosing to freeze hiring over implementing layoffs has notable efficiency, productivity, and morale benefits, but the impact of a hiring freeze on the business shouldn’t be minimized. When open roles are frozen, leaders are forced to make difficult tradeoffs and staffing decisions to still deliver strong business results with fewer resources. A waterfall effect of filling resourcing gaps and project rescoping can flow through the business and cause significant delays when executing strategic work. 

How To Work With Freelance Consultants During a Hiring Freeze  

The freelance economy has grown in the post-pandemic world. Catalant explored the cause-effect relationship in this video interview with Harvard professor and thought leader Joe Fuller — but the bottom line is that more and more business-critical work is getting done by individuals that aren’t working nine-to-five full-time jobs. Strategic work is being farmed out to independent consultants and freelancers, who manage their own workloads and schedules and reap the benefits of flexibility and work-life balance.

Turning to the freelance economy for strategic work enables business leaders to quickly harness the power of independent consultants and subject-matter experts. When faced with talent gaps caused by hiring freezes — be it project management, market research, data analytics, or another project — a business unit leader can turn to a strategic marketplace platform like Catalant to find an experienced consultant for the job. 

Check out this list of independent professional consultants who can help your business quickly execute strategic work during a full-time hiring freeze.

24 Expert Independent Consultants to Get You through Your Hiring Freeze

We’ve focused this list on areas where we’ve seen significant market demand from our clients. The following Experts are just a sampling of the freelance talent you can find on Catalant’s platform and their areas of expertise. If you have a business need in a particular category that you don’t see here, please contact us and we can connect you with the right Expert. While we can’t guarantee the immediate availability of these Experts listed below, there are thousands more qualified Experts on the Catalant platform.

Marketing and Market Research

Ameeta Soni

Strategy | Product Marketing Expert | Revenue Generator

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Jackie Sanders

Global Product Marketing and Communications Executive

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Kevin Joseph

CPG Marketing | Sales and Strategy

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Claire de Weerdt

Ex-McKinsey | Strategy Market Research | Private Equity

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Loften Deprez

Ex-McKinsey & Co. | Market Research | Data | Due Diligence

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Gordon Yu

Ex-McKinsey & Co. | Principal, Hubble Research

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Digital Transformation and IT

David Zhao

Digital Strategy | Advanced Analytics | Intelligent Automation

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Tim Monahan

ERP Project Manager | Process Improvement | Interim CIO

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John Gillespie

Professional Scrum Trainer | Agile Coach

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Bella Trenkov

DevSecOps, Cloud, and AI/ML Revolution

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Project Management

Sherry Sullivan

Business Systems Modernization | Digital Transformation Expert

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Patricio Ruiz Yanzi

Ex-McKinsey | Columbia MBA | Paxon Advisors

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Ngan Nguyen

Ex-McKinsey & Co. | Management and Strategy Consultant

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Wendi Weber

Strategic Commercial and Operations Leader

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Crystal Davis

Disruptor in Lean | Leadership in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

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John Fuller

Senior Strategy and Operations

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Francisco Blanco

Customer-Centric Supply Chain | Biotech Healthcare

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Lauren Hisey

Continuous Business Process Improvement | Consultant | Coach

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Tom McTaggart

Pricing executive with 17+ years of experience

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Mohammed Zakir

24+ years of Pricing, Marketing and Analytics Consulting experience

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Esra Kucukciftci

Pricing and Monetization Strategy for Technology

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Data Analytics

Nick Newby

10+ years experience in Data and Predictive Modeling

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Shailendra Kathait

12+ years experience in large scale Data Science applications

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Nirav Shah

Senior Data Analytics and Life Science Consultant

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If you have a business need in a particular category that you don’t see on this list, please contact us and we can connect you with the right Expert.