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Understanding the New Rules of Work With Joe Fuller

The Catalant team was thrilled to spend time recently with distinguished future of work thought leader Joe Fuller. An American academic and management consultant, Joe Fuller is the co-founder of the Monitor Group, now known as Monitor Deloitte. A professor of management practice at the Harvard Business School, Joe co-leads the school’s initiative on Managing the Future of Work.  

We’d like to share some highlights of the conversations Catalant had with Joe — what we consider the New Rules of Work.  

Today’s Talent Landscape: What’s driving the need for the new rules of work?

Hiring today is a completely different ballgame than it was even two or three years ago. The great resignation (or as we call it, the great reckoning) is converging with the growth of remote work and shifting worker expectations. Business leaders are left struggling to solve their business problems as qualified and experienced full-time talent depart, and the competitiveness in the job market is significantly extending average time-to-hire. 

Leaders are reevaluating the number of full-time employees they need and the skills they bring to the table. In this clip, Joe and Vinda examine some of the new approaches enterprises are exploring to complete the critical work they’ve been struggling to get done, including on-demand talent marketplaces. 


Removing Executives From the Talent Forecasting Business  

As enterprise executives start to consider on-demand talent as a new resource for getting strategic work done, they’re still left with many questions. Where do I start at my own organization? How do I know this is the right solution for my organization? What benefits will I see? 

Joe encourages leadership to get out of the “bad business” of full-time talent forecasting and instead embrace a strategy of consistently evaluating and augmenting talent needs to meet immediate demands.


Rolling Out Contingent Talent as an Enterprise Capability  

As executives begin to understand on-demand strategic talent as more than a “top-up” on skills and rather a significant opportunity for their business to accomplish strategic work, it can still be a challenge to understand how to get started. Vinda and Joe explore this challenge and share advice for executives and business area leaders to operationalize the model successfully through their supervisors and management teams. 


Discover how to engage an independent consulting marketplace to execute strategic work. 

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