Sub-Processor List

Below is a list of current list of sub-processors authorized to process customer personal data in the context of Catalant’s services.  Catalant performs due diligence on the information security practices and data protection compliance of all third party sub-processors and requires each to commit to written obligations regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data, including safeguards to govern international transfers of data.

AdobeSignIn platform signature toolUS, Japan, Australia, India & EU
Amazon Web ServicesBackup data storageUS East
Full StoryIn platform user activity trackingUS Central
Google Cloud PlatformPlatform infrastructure and application hostingUS East
JiraSupport request tracking systemUS, Ireland & Australia
SalesforceTransaction data repositoryUS
SegmentIn platform user behavior trackingUS
SendgridIn platform email functionalityUS
ZendeskIn platform content library/chatUS
ZoomIn platform VOIP/video servicesUS

Requesting More Information About or Objecting to a Sub-processor

To request more information on a sub-processor regarding its role in Catalant’s services and its security controls, please email with the subject line “Sub-processor Information Request”. To object to a sub-processor, please email with the subject line “Sub-processor Objection”.