How to partner with Catalant

Find high-value work with signature clients and leave the administrative work to us. 

Work on meaningful and impactful projects and solve strategic challenges for Fortune 1000 clients, leading private equity firms, and consulting firms.

Identify Projects In Your Area of Expertise

Corporate Strategy

Build a cohesive vision for your organization’s future

Market Research

Identify new growth opportunities and make strategic business decisions

Sales & Marketing

Boost revenue, expand market presence, and enhance customer engagement

Supply Chain

Improve resource allocation, streamline logistics, and achieve cost-effective resilience

Operations & Process Improvement

Achieve operational excellence with streamlined processes and increased productivity

Digital Transformation & Technology

Navigate digital change, embrace innovation, and get more technologically advanced

Human Resources & Organization

Transform your workforce, develop talent, and create organizational cultures that drive performance

Data & Business Analytics

Uncover insights, predict trends, and inform decision making across the entire organization

Finance & Accounting

Develop accurate financial plans, manage risks, and ensure financial success

Interim Executive & Skilled Fractional

Strengthen your team and drive projects forward with experienced executives and specialists

How To Partner With Us

Catalant opens doors to hard-to-access signature clients, takes on a big portion of the administrative burden, and lets you focus on delivering your best work.

Apply to become verified on Catalant’s Marketplace.

Apply to become a verified independent consultant or boutique consultancy on Catalant. Our team ensures your background aligns with the needs of our customers. This process takes 2-5 business days to complete.

Create and optimize your Expert profile.

Create a robust Expert profile that clearly explains your value to clients. Include your work experience, capabilities, education, and key strengths. Preview your profile before publication and keep it up to date. Make your Expert profile public so it’s easily discoverable via search engines like Google to improve credibility and recognition.

Find meaningful project opportunities.

On Catalant, you’re in control to search for and match with clients all within the platform. Projects on Catalant aren’t just “gigs” — due to their nature, they last several weeks, months, or even years and may extend or grow into new follow-on project opportunities. Review our database for projects that would benefit from your experience and expertise.

Craft a compelling pitch.

Your pitch justifies why you should move through to the interview stage. Include a proposed approach to solve the client’s challenges and list relevant work experience. Clients review pitches from several qualified Experts and schedule interviews based on the quality of their pitches, so it’s important to make sure yours stands out. 

Submit your proposal.

Complete interviews with the client to learn more about the project and scope. Write and submit a project proposal including your approach to the project, expected deliverables, and timeline.

Sign the project agreement.

The project agreement outlines project details including timeline, approach,  deliverables, and fees. It also contains the terms and conditions that govern the engagement, such as confidentiality and work product ownership.

Catalant’s legal team is available to help facilitate the contracting process and resolve any comments you may have on the contract. Your signed agreement is then documented and saved in the Catalant platform so you and the client can reference it in the future. 

Take advantage of support on slides and submit your deliverables.

If you choose, Catalant will turn your notes and drafts for the clients you work with through our platform into consistently-formatted, professional, and on-brand slides. This service is complimentary.

After you complete the project and submit all agreed-upon deliverables, you and the client will rate and review the engagement. This is when you can collect social proof including testimonials, case studies, and glowing reviews to help you get more work in the future.

Get paid for your work.

Catalant streamlines the inevitably complex and time-consuming administrative processes that come with consulting for large enterprises. Experts typically get better terms working with Catalant than when working directly with clients.

The platform protects consultants from lengthy payment terms or chasing invoices, facilitates prompt payment, and keeps all payment information in a single location — an internal collections team handles the work on your behalf. Read more about how Catalant streamlines payments here

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