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Strategic Flexibility at Scale

Expand your team’s capacity and capabilities with always-on access to Catalant’s Expert Marketplace. This premium offering includes:

  • White-glove service and a dedicated account team
  • Curated Experts, available on-demand and in rosters
  • Custom contracting and consolidated billing
  • Compliance solutions and back-office services

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The flexibility required to thrive during uncertain times

Large companies traditionally rely on human capital resources like full-time hires, interim temps, and brand-name consulting firms to get work done. But shifting market dynamics, workforce shortages, and growth pressures send shocks through these inelastic resourcing structures. Speed, flexibility, and having the right expertise are essential to withstand such shocks.  

Catalant provides enterprise leaders with an agile consulting resource that’s built to scale up or down based on the most critical needs of the business.

Execution never stops with Catalant on board

Stop missing targets due to knowledge gaps or bandwidth constraints. The Enterprise Program plugs into existing workflows to turn Catalant’s Expert Marketplace into an always-on extension of your team. This introduces a new, dynamic layer of independent consultants and subject-matter experts to your human capital mix, one that can flex quickly as business needs change.

Faster time to solution

White-glove support from your dedicated Catalant account team ensures every team member finds the right resources, without friction. Connect with Experts in as little as one day, and start work, on average, in less than three weeks.

Flexibility, at scale

With an MSA in place and umbrella contract for project work, your teams can quickly engage one Expert or one hundred with the same ease. Full-scope flexibility means you find the exact resource needed, in the right amount, at the right moment. Agile consulting becomes a right-sized solution that flexes up or down on demand. 

High-quality expertise

Position existing resources where they perform best, and turn to Catalant for the rest. Independent consultants with 19+ years of experience plus a Catalant team who lives and breathes flexible resourcing will fill any gap where speed and transformation are paramount.

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Who are Catalant Experts?

This talented network of 80,000 former consultants and corporate operators are independent business owners who focus on delivering results for globally-recognized clients.

How to achieve strategic flexibility

The Enterprise Program sets up a scaffolding that enables business leaders throughout your enterprise to tap into the Expert Marketplace whenever they need it.

With specialized services and workflows built specifically to handle the nuances that come with supporting large companies, the Enterprise Program creates the framework that enables delivery teams across business units and function areas to quickly tap into the Expert Marketplace for execution support.

White-glove service and a dedicated account team

We start with program design workshops to build an agile consulting strategy that works with your company processes and sets up the scaffolding for scale. Customized onboarding sessions and ongoing user education help your team understand when, how, and why to access the Expert Marketplace.

Curated expertise, available on-demand and in rosters

A dedicated Catalant Success team becomes your program’s point guard, making it fast and easy for everyone across your enterprise to scope projects and engage Experts. Your Catalant team helps users source new Experts, build rosters, or select from pre-determined rosters. Quarterly business reviews ensure productivity and value remain high.

Custom contracting and consolidated billing

Through an MSA, we establish standard contracting arrangements, which makes it easier downstream when users have projects to launch. Billing is consolidated into one monthly statement of active projects, instead of managing a barrage of bills, streamlining the administrative burden on your team.

Compliance solutions and back-office service

Customized contracting, workflows, and compliance standards keep processes simple and aligned with the way your enterprise works with external resources. From worker classification to work guarantees and background checks, these processes keep legal teams happy and work moving forward.

“The gig economy is surely alive and thriving in the world of Strategy and M&A. I have been a strong proponent of the model for the past decade – keeping a lean team internally and leveraging experts from outside for topical specialty as well as for capacity spikes. Catalant has been a key partner for me and they are by far the best marketplace I have worked with. The quality of experts on Catalant’s platform, the speed at which we are able to get access to the right talent, and the results we’ve achieved from use of this talent model have been spectacular. It ensures greater flexibility as well as lower cost vs. engagements with traditional consulting firms.”

Take a deeper look into how Catalant supports strategic flexibility across the enterprise

Engaging Key Stakeholders

Success comes from having the right stakeholders on your team

Expanding Access

The Catalant team makes it easy for anyone across your organization to turn to an independent consultant

Talent Demand Planning

Get ahead of talent needs and optimize the time it takes to find the right person for the work

The best of the Fortune 1000 and top-tier PE firms turn to Catalant to keep critical work moving forward.

Success stories: agile consulting at scale

Once the groundwork is laid, your teams are equipped to accelerate. Read on to learn how this Fortune 500 CPG brand rolled out Catalant to support a new on-demand talent strategy.

Why Catalant?
Access to a diverse talent pool, seamless and instant access to that talent, and cost savings using this model were the primary factors driving the choice to implement Catalant. 

How did they implement the program?
The CHRO, as internal champion and program spearhead, facilitated over a dozen meetings with key stakeholders and hundreds of end-users where the Catalant team introduced the program and trained users. Guided by Catalant’s dedicated customer support team, team members started filling needs right away, posting projects to the platform within days from launch. 

What kind of results did they experience? 
16 projects were posted during the early adoption phase, in areas ranging from strategy, to HR, marketing, and program management. Every one of the project owners, impressed with Catalant, said they’d use Catalant again, and had already recommended peers start using the resource as well.

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Our team helps thousands of customers eliminate resource gaps by leveraging Catalant Experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the Expert Marketplace or Enterprise program.

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Access our Strategic Planning Guide and Playbook to learn how to operationalize flexibility throughout your planning cycles and use it to drive ROI.

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