Catalant’s 2023 Mid-Year

Trends Report

The activity on Catalant’s platform provides a glimpse into the highest-priority initiaitves across leading enterprises, private equity firms, and consulting firms. Take a look at the trends we’re seeing so far in 2023.

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Supply chain expertise reaches a high point

Project Spotlight: Inventory Management

A PE-owned manufacturing company sought expertise in cost accounting and sales and operations planning. The company had trouble analyzing production and demand forecasts, specifically around open-to-buy decisions. The Expert, a skilled financial analyst, employed a comprehensive approach and was able to successfully optimize inventory management, resulting in maximized profits, enhanced customer service, and improved cash outlays for the business.

As the Fed continued to aggressively raise rates in the second half of 2022 and into 2023, we started to see the impact most strongly in supply chain and operations projects. In many organizations, supply chain management is a core area to improve operating expense. Supply Chain projects are now back to 114% of Q2 2022 levels, and nearly double those of Q4 2022.

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Generative AI in consulting

Project Spotlight: GenAI Prototype

A global PE firm was looking for a consultant to define, prototype, and deliver new generative AI capability at a non-technical portfolio company, with the hope to expand to additional portfolio companies. A technologist with over 20 years of experience building and leading technology programs and writing ML/AI models to solve problems had been using generative AI as part of their daily workflow, and was able to quickly build a prototype for the firm. 

Generative AI (genAI), the trend sweeping all corners of the world in the first half of 2023, is now on the minds of virtually every senior executive we work with. We’re seeing an increase in supply of, and demand for, genAI expertise.

  • On the project side, we’re seeing early emergence of projects specifically focused on researching, building, and implementing genAI.
  • In the last six months, a surge of Experts with machine learning and AI backgrounds who have spent time with genAI models have joined the Catalant platform to offer their expertise.

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Today’s leadership teams are focused on operating efficiently, reacting to changing market conditions, and making the most of their budgets. Activity on the Catalant platform provides a glimpse into leading-edge trends and ways to solve challenging problems. 

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  • The increased need for supply chain expertise
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  • The pressure to reduce spend on big consulting engagements
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