Case Study Human Resources Insights

How a Fortune 500 company made human resources insights 10X faster with Catalant.

The Problem 

New-hire assessments are critical to the hiring process. A poorly aligned assessment leads to inaccurate data that can completely derail an otherwise effective hiring strategy. For a large organization, this issue can lead to high turnover, low performance and ultimately reduced profits.

It’s unsurprising when high-powered executives turn to their human resources departments to deliver human resources insights and plans to streamline the hiring process. However, these requests often require expertise and time that in-house HR teams simply don’t have to give. Take the following example as a case in point.

Executives at a Fortune 500 company tasked their human resources team to reevaluate their pre-hire assessments and present their findings. Up against the RFP deadline, the team was tasked with answering key questions, including:

  • Would a new talent acquisition vendor help the organization meet its recruiting goals?
  • How could they be sure a new company would better vet job candidates than their current vendor?
  • What should they focus on in contracting with a new vendor?

Despite seeing the benefits of evaluating the talent acquisition process, the internal HR team lacked the bandwidth to thoroughly research top assessment vendors and make top-notch recommendations.

The Solution

Turning to Catalant’s on-demand Expert Marketplace, the HR team found Jill, an HR Expert who could evaluate their current vendor and identify superior alternatives.

Familiarizing herself with the HR practices at the company, Jill quickly adapted to meet the deadline. Relying on her 15 years of experience in organizational development, Jill was up to speed in a matter of days, even as internal team members faced limited time to answer her questions.

First, she evaluated the current talent acquisition program and conducted a thorough analysis of pre-hire assessment vendors. During the course of the project, Jill delivered multiple options for the executive team while offering her own recommendation about the best match for the retail giant.

The internal team immediately noticed Jill’s passion and persistence. Plus, her expertise meant that she didn’t need the typical onboarding process most full-time HR hires or even large consulting teams require. According to the team, her specialized skills enabled them to complete their work 10X faster than they could have otherwise.

The value of the agile workforce goes beyond an immediate project. Jill surpassed expectations with a list of additional changes that would streamline the talent acquisition process. The HR team presented Jill’s findings with absolute confidence in the analysis, allowing them to shine in front of their executive leadership team.

Combined with the exponential value of Jill’s suggestions, this comprehensive evaluation laid the foundation for the organization to quickly strengthen its hiring practices and identify top talent.

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