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Introducing Marketplace Services

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Get to Execution Faster

I’m proud to announce the release of Marketplace Services, projects designed and delivered by the independent consultants and firms in Catalant’s expert community. 

Every day, the Catalant team strives to imagine and create new, better ways to help companies get from strategy to execution faster.  As of today, independent consultants and firms in our expert community offer more than 5,200 pre-scoped Marketplace Services. These are based on recurring demands, best practices, and insights from working with forward-looking leaders at top companies around the world.

The number of Marketplace Services will grow each week, powered by more than 65,000 independent consultants and 1,000 firms who regularly work with companies that use our platform to access external talent to execute projects that, previously, required readiness with specific scopes of work in mind.

For Companies

We believe Marketplace Services will help companies at every leg of their journey to increase the velocity of executing their most mission critical work. Busy leaders can use Marketplace Services to:

  • Get going. If you need to get work done today, you can find a Marketplace Service that aligns with your needs and get started on the project immediately.
  • Get inspired. If you need to execute on strategic work but are unsure of where to start, you can browse Marketplace Services for inspiration.
  • Get informed. If you don’t have an immediate need but want to plan ahead, you can explore the possibilities of what work you may want to accelerate in the future.

Execution, On-Demand

We recently observed how a new user interacted, explored, selected, and connected with an expert for a Marketplace Service – in less than half an hour.

MINUTE 1: Visits Marketplace Services on our website

MINUTE 3: Chats with an expert who helps with valuation services

MINUTE 4: Sees services recommended by Catalant and invites 2 other experts with valuation experience to pitch

MINUTE 11: Requests calls with two additional experts

MINUTE 24: Publishes a project to 65,000+ experts in Catalant’s expert marketplace

For Independent Consultants & Firms

We also believe Marketplace Services will help independent consultants and firms accelerate their abilities to do their best work, on their own terms. Independent consultants and firms can use Marketplace Services to:

  • Get more exposure. Let leaders at top companies know what you’re interested in doing and why you’re best suited to do it.
  • Get better opportunities. Consider more qualified opportunities with companies who need to execute the types of work that you do.
  • Get to work faster. Leapfrog steps in the time-intensive project by scoping process by leveraging templates and pressure-tested best practices.

Next Steps: Explore & Sign Up

Business leaders trying to get mission critical work done can explore some of the example Marketplace Services that we publicly share. To view the full breadth of the growing number of Marketplace Services, create an account.

If you’re an independent expert or firm who wants to leverage Catalant Marketplace Services to accelerate business development, create an account.

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