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Trends in Agile Consulting

The activity on Catalant’s Expert Marketplace provides a glimpse into the highest-priority projects across enterprises, private equity firms, and consulting firms.

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Businesses are redrawing their org charts to drive efficiency throughout times of change.

2022 was a year of record turnover, layoffs, and hiring freezes. As a result, Catalant saw a spike in organizational design projects, which increased by 65% YoY. Companies needed to make do with the talent they had or make up ground for widespread and sudden departures.

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Go-to-market teams sought a deeper understanding of the Voice of the Customer.

Businesses struggled in 2022 as consumer buying behavior, market demand, and competitive sets changed. The overall project type with the largest volume of activity on the Catalant Marketplace in 2022 was market research. Exploring a layer deeper, we saw more companies engage with independent consultants to better understand the Voice of Customer (VoC).

A large industrial manufacturer wanted to measure brand awareness and perception with current and prospective customers. With the help of a Catalant Expert, the company learned its aided and unaided brand recognition, overall positioning, and which competitors were leading and lagging in the industry from a pool of 3,000 survey recipients.
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Corporate strategy departments rallied to address these critical issues.

While strategy leaders remained involved in typical strategy work like M&A, market research, and digital transformation, in 2022, we also saw them lean more into areas of the business that drive operational efficiency. During an economic downturn, strategy leaders focus on cost consolidation and reactive business transformation.

A F500 manufacturing company wanted to switch one of its plants to a Lean manufacturing process. With the support of Catalant, the company matched with an Expert with over 35 years of experience managing operational projects. The Expert led Lean manufacturing deployment, which drove double-digit gains in sales and financial performance for the factory.
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Catalant’s 2023 Agile Consulting Trends Report

Today’s leadership teams are focused on operating efficiently, reacting to changing market conditions, and making the most of their budgets. Catalant user behavior in 2022 can help business leaders understand how to leverage agile consulting in 2023 to tackle these problems.

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  • Enterprises modified their org charts.
  • Go-to-market teams sought a deeper understanding of the Voice of Customer.
  • Operations teams focused on improvements to drive efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Corporate strategy departments rallied to address these critical issues above.

Learn how to leverage independent consultants in 2023 and gain a competitive edge when change inevitably hits.

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