Flexible Workforce

When to Hire a Change Management Consultant

A change management consultant can add tremendous value to any project. In this blog, learn how and when to hire the right change management consultant.

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6 Elements of a Flexible Workforce

The future of work arrived ahead of schedule, thanks to a global pandemic, new technologies, and changing demographics. Today’s business leaders are rethinking their workforces, with 60% telling researchers they expect fewer full-time employees in the future while relying more on temporary freelance consultants and contractors.

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The Big Trend in Workforce Planning? Flexibility.

71% of business leaders say they plan to rely more on a contingent workforce in the next two years. Here’s why, and how, to build a flexible workforce.

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What is a Flexible Workforce?

A flexible workforce reduces labor costs and improves speed by working across a network of employees, consultants, and contractors.

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Creating and Maintaining a Flexible Workforce

The COVID-19 public health crisis is creating market and operating conditions that are forcing enterprise leaders to reimagine their workforces and how they get work done.

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