Case Study Identifying a New Audience

How an external go-to-market specialist identified a new audience with buyer personas.

The Problem 

Buyer personas are a critical part of any go-to-market strategy. They help companies avoid the costly mistake of developing and launching products and services with flat marketing campaigns and flat sales. Marketing professionals inherently understand the value of buyer personas, however, many teams lack the time and expertise needed to successfully create, refine and implement them into their overall marketing strategies. 

Nursing professionals must comply with several demanding legal regulations. To address this, a leading healthcare technology company developed a new product intended to help nurses meet these regulations.

Ahead of the product launch, the company needed to drive awareness by leveraging a marketing campaign complete with thoroughlyresearched buyer personas. They needed to evaluate the problems nurses face implementing new technology and answer some crucial questions, including:

  • What problems do nursing professionals most need technology to solve?
  • How can our team communicate the value of our product for nurses in particular?

Despite seeing the benefits of developing a marketing strategy with key buyer personas, the internal marketing team lacked the bandwidth to do so successfully.

The Solution

The healthcare company turned to Catalant’s Expert Marketplace to find Sebastian, an independent marketing consultant who understood the marketing challenges unique to introducing new technology.

With 18 years of experience as a business strategist and researcher for companies like GE, Microsoft, and Novartis, Sebastian was an authority in digital transformation and IoT, making him an ideal partner to drive brand awareness and collaborate with healthcare experts to craft a new marketing strategy with buyer personas.

Sebastian took a deep approach to problem solving. He surveyed the client’s Nurse Advisory Board on realistic scenarios that would lead to purchase and adoption. He synthesized the company’s pre-existing data to conduct thorough research and expose nurses’ key pain points.

Within a week of conducting the survey analysis, Sebastian distinguished eight marketing personas complete with demographics, psychographics, digital lifestyle preferences, and specific work experiences. The personas rapidly became blueprints for brand messaging alignment and product launch efforts moving forward.

The marketing team brought Sebastian’s results to senior management, who were impressed with the strategic framework and adopted the methodology across product marketing teams. Not only did Sebastian’s deliverables have an unprecedented impact on the company’s product positioning, but they also transformed organization-wide practices.

The value of agility goes beyond the immediate project. By investing in an agile marketing team, this healthcare company ensured a strong reception in the market and transformed the way nurses meet demanding regulations.

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