Blog Business Operations Perch Navigates the Intersection of eCommerce, Supply Chain, and Technology Faster with Catalant

Perch Navigates the Intersection of eCommerce, Supply Chain, and Technology Faster with Catalant

For years brick-and-mortar retailers have been testing, learning, and innovating to find their place in the growing eCommerce landscape. Omnichannel consumer products companies like Perch are upending traditional go-to-market models to fit consumer demand. 

Founded in 2019, Perch’s approach is to acquire Amazon Marketplace brands holistically. Taking ownership of its inventory and IP, Perch then infuses standards of quality, operations, and strong ethics into the brands and teams. And for them, it’s worked well. The company has grown to include more than 280 employees and 100 brands, including popular names like Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit and Spacesaver.

Rapid Growth Led to Resourcing and Operational Challenges

By June 2021, Perch’s trajectory was skyrocketing and the startup had quadrupled its business size through acquisitions. Exciting growth also brought significant challenges for a company without a human resources department. According to Chief Business Operations Officer, Suzanne Roeder, Perch had “quadrupled the work we were doing in a single day with all this employee capacity, but no resources to get them onboarded.” 

On top of that, Perch was balancing the need for speed with making careful business decisions and navigating significant data challenges. The company realized that improper analysis of inventory at the companies they sought to acquire could quickly lead to costly decisions like overpayment and supply chain mismanagement.

Catalant Accelerates Perch’s Problem-Solving and Delivers Massive ROI

To tackle these challenges, Suzanne Roeder turned to hiring independent consulting Experts on the Catalant platform. In the case of the hiring challenge, Perch went from identifying their problem to hiring an Expert to start solving it in two days.

“In a hyper-growth startup,” said Roeder, “sometimes you err on the side of speed and benefit of the doubt and cut corners, but Catalant helped us move fast without sacrificing quality.”

Learn more about how Perch leveraged Catalant to solve business challenges and save $2M. 

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