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Forbes: Will Freelancing Reinvent Management Consulting?

freelancing vs. management consulting

In a Forbes article, HR thought leader and author Jon Younger discusses the evolution of management consulting, freelancing vs. management consulting, and how Catalant is helping business leaders transform the way they respond to market opportunities and deploy resources across mission-critical initiatives.

After several interviews and conversations with Biederman, Younger has learned a lot about how Catalant creates lasting value for clients, including helping them accelerate transitions to an agile operating model. With business agility — which allows for an agile approach to planning and deployment strategy — business leaders are more likely to get the right people with the right skills and expertise on the right work.

Catalant is in the business of helping clients achieve a real transformation in their performance.”

Citing the well-known statistic that 70% of change management initiatives fail to achieve desired goals, Younger points out that Catalant is in the business of “helping clients achieve a real transformation in their performance” by offering more robust talent solutions for any given project. Catalant’s software solutions and programs ensure alignment within each phase of any given project, from clarifying the mission to continue returning to shared goals and desired business outcomes.

As Younger explains, “Biederman and Petitti’s organization is counting on a better, tech-based, talent mousetrap to drive project success and a higher level of client satisfaction… they are fundamentally in the business of selling increments of expertise.”

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We’ve seen the potential to make great talent — both internal and external — more accessible and more efficient through new technologies.”

Rob Biederman, Co-Founder, Catalant

When Catalant onboards a significant new client, the first step is to help the company create a bespoke talent ecosystem that connects Catalant’s own expert marketplace with client (internal) employee experts in relevant functional areas, but also links to other talent pools, partnerships, and even client alumni.”

Jon Younger, HR Thought Leader and Author, Forbes

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