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Catalant Technologies Cements Strategic Partnerships with Top Freelance Marketplaces Around the Globe

With a decade of helping companies find, hire, and pay talented independent consultants, Catalant Technologies has become known as a leader in the space among high-end freelance marketplaces, and the driving force behind Consulting 2.0, as the only company with a scalable platform approach to connecting organizations to independent business consultants.

Today, Catalant is proud to announce a new strategic partnership model that brings other leading freelance marketplaces from around the globe into Catalant’s fold. By partnering with leading marketplaces around the world, Catalant’s clients (and those of the partnering marketplaces’) increase their ability to find highly qualified people who’ve solved their specific problems before. Catalant works with over 30% of the Fortune 500 and most have global needs – according to FactSet, approximately 40% of revenue earned by S&P 500 companies is earned through international channels. 

With our global partnership model, we will be able to better serve our clients across all international business lines, as well as strengthen our capabilities for our customers who seek on-the-ground intelligence in any corner of the world.

Marketplace partners

In seeking marketplaces that have similarly vetted, high-quality independent workers and clients seeking projects similar to those Catalant fields (value creation, supply chain, data analytics, technology, operations and process improvement, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and program and project management, etc.), Catalant has developed a strategic partnership with the following companies:  

Connecting Visions

Specialization: Connecting Visions, with more than 1500 freelancers and 900 boutique service companies on the platform, vets, curates, and short-lists top-quality candidates for medium and large clients. 

Location: Headquartered in Madrid, Connecting Visions focuses on high-end business consultants consultants from Spain.


Specialization: This AI-powered talent-as-a-service platform excels in providing professional consultancy services in finance, management, and strategic planning for leading Fortune 100 companies.

Location: Operating totally remotely, Expertera has a strong European network.


Specialization: Khibraty specializes in the Middle Eastern market with a focus on Saudi Arabia, offering a platform for regional expertise in various fields including Investment, Culture, HR, Project Management, Digital Transformation, Business Excellence, Strategy, and Labor Market.

Location: Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, Khibraty is a key player in the MENA region.


Specialization: Highly vetted consultants, project managers and interim managers, repeatedly awarded as one of the best consulting networks in the DACH region  (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

Location: Based in Vienna, Klaiton operates primarily in the DACH region.


Specialization: Movemeon, a tech platform founded by ex-McKinsey consultants, has supported over 4,000 PE funds, multinationals, consultancies & scale-ups in hiring permanent and freelance professionals. Their network, of which 45% are ex-MBB, solves strategy, transformation & general/commercial management challenges.

Location: Headquartered in the UK with dedicated teams covering Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.


Specialization: Ollo connects clients to hyper-curated talent in the creative, marketing, advertising, and technology fields in LATM. 

Location: Digital-first, Ollo operates in Latin America.


Specialization: Sweav’s network is comprised of hundreds of highly-skilled independent consultants with backgrounds in strategy and M&A. Sweav provides interim management, projects, and expert advisory services to clients. 

Location: Sweav operates from Amsterdam, serving clients in the Netherlands, and offers its consultants a co-working space. 


Specialization: WEEM  connects clients with top independent consultants specializing in strategy, management, finance, PE, technology, operations, GTM, and HR. Clients comprise large- and mid-cap companies, investment funds, and consulting firms.  

Location: Headquartered in Paris, with a strong presence in the European market.

These partnerships enable Catalant clients to tap into an even broader global network of specialized expertise. And vice versa, our partners can tap into Catalant’s 100k+ network of qualified independent consultants to support their clients’ specific needs.

The independent revolution  

Catalant’s clients are Fortune 500 executives, leaders of the world’s largest PE firms, CEOs of high-growth PE-backed companies, and partners at consulting firms. The network of 100k+ independent consultants includes world-class talent – supply chain analysts, AI practitioners, former C-suite executives, product leaders, and more – all with experience partnering with large companies to drive major transformation and execute against critical corporate initiatives. 

Thanks to the digital advancements of the last decade, the acceleration of remote work ushered in by the pandemic, and infrastructure built to support the inclusion of skilled freelance/independent workers into a company’s talent mix, leading companies today all but require a more elastic, flexible workforce to remain competitive. And workers desire it, too. McKinsey research shows that 36% of today’s U.S. workforce is independent, up significantly from 2016’s 27%. 

Pat Petitti, CEO of Catalant, explains that “this is the advent of a new form of consulting, what we call Consulting 2.0. It’s a digitally enabled approach for an interconnected world that allows companies to seamlessly connect to people who have solved their problems before. The benefits of Consulting 2.0 are enormous; there is far more flexibility, it’s more fit to purpose meaning better outcomes from people who have been there before, it’s faster because it’s technology-driven, and fair and transparent, with most money going to the consulting doing the work which in turn means lower cost for the client.”

As an extension of a company’s workforce, freelance marketplaces increase the ability to find “needle in a haystack” people with the right experience required to solve specific problems. Expand that aperture to include people all across the world, and as Lightcast and Revelio Labs put it, remote workers from across the world canhelp companies succeed in a tight and fast-evolving labor market.” 

Please get in touch if we can help expand the reach of your workforce with Consulting 2.0.