Artificial intelligence lead (Jasper/DataRobot), former McKinsey and Obama Administration


Master of Arts (M.A.) from Yale University 
Aug 2012 – May 2014
Focus: Global Affairs

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Aug 2006 – Dec 2009
Focus: Political Science, Arabic Studies

Work Experience

Director of AI at 
Aug 2022  – Jul 2023

  • Stood up the AI team for a Generative AI company which hit $100M revenue
  • Created patent program, developed initial AI architecture, led modeling team and partnerships
  • Influenced broad AI-enabled, customer-centric product design and market advantages

Director at DataRobot 
Sep 2019  – May 2022

  • Built up AI Success, government vertical, data science, and system architecture teams, advancing company from a Series D to pre-IPO AI startup. My accounts won 2-7x expansions, top 5% performance)
  • Directly led client and DataRobot teams to develop a US military branch’s analytics lab and deploy an finance AI app which redistributes nearly $2B a year used by over 1,500 professional end-users
  • Lead designer for “game-changing” fleet readiness prediction app that recommends interventions (finance, logistics, supply, people). Demoed to 3-star generals and secretaries

Consultant at McKinsey 
Jul 2017  – Jul 2019

  • Developed a regional and business function strategy for an equipment manufacturer, aiming to save 5% cost and increase revenue 9%. Developed high level strategy for satellites R&D, increasing ROI 10%
  • Led a team to develop Firm’s simulation offerings, shaped 8+ client teams
  • Made and launched a state governor transition’s plan for transport, transit, digital infrastructure

Advisor at White House (Obama Admin) 
Mar 2015  – Jan 2017

  • Rallied task force of 20+ senior members on Secretary’s mission of integrating robotics and AI into the future Naval Force and Fleet, designing key wargames
  • Inaugurated Navy into the Carbon Disclosure Project to reduce supply chain emissions
  • Rewrote critical policy on stability operations policy

About Me

Saad advises around AI-enabled strategy, diligences, and product design, and also facilitates executive cross-functional workshops and scenario planning sessions. He’s worked with government, Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and day 1 startups. Saad led the AI team at a leading Generative AI company (Jasper), as well as data science and success teams at a pioneer enterprise AI company, DataRobot. He is excited to advise companies in using and getting value out of AI (Generative or otherwise) and is able to run interactive workshops and scenario-planning sessions for clients as well.
Currently a partner at a VC firm investing in AI companies, Saad previously served as a consultant at McKinsey, as as advisor to the Under Secretary of the Navy during the Obama Administration.
His previous projects include advising PE firms on AI, due diligences, startup advising, product design, and creating strategy for a energy tech company. He is also able to help with curricula design.


Project Categories

  • Data Science & Analysis
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Big Data & Analytics Project Management
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Roadmapping
  • Software Implementation
  • Technology Implementation Project Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • Interim Executive – CEO/COO/CFO
  • Interim Executive – IT


  • Technology
  • Public Sector
  • Healthcare Services
  • Entertainment & Media

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