The Challenge

A Fortune 500 Medical Device Company looking to assess market position needed an expert to develop a digital competitive landscape.

Working with Catalant

The People

The expert, Partner & co-Founder of Eradigm Consulting, had several years of industry consulting experience with Deallus Consulting, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, GfK Bridgehead, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. 

The Work

The expert was tasked with providing the client with a benchmark of the industry’s best-in-class competitors’ digital marketing strategies, highlighting their key tactics and resulting impact in terms of reach and engagement with customers. 

The Result

The client was able to assess the competitors’ digital marketing strategies, identify ‘what methods’ are being used to reach different customers, and ‘how they position themselves’ through these channels/tools. They were then able to act on best practice activities to maximize customer engagement. 

The Value

The Fortune 500 client would have originally spent $26.6K on a similar project from a traditional consulting firm. By using the Catalant Expert Marketplace, the client was able to dynamically access industry-leading talent at 50% savings ($13.3K).

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