The Challenge

A company in the beauty industry needed competitive research on a new type of beauty product, but needed to move fast. 

Working with Catalant

The People

The expert, an independent consultant, has more than two decades of experience leading retail and consumer brands. 

The Work

The client tasked the expert with a market study on a new type of product, including market size and growth, brand awareness, pricing trends, consumer preferences, and digital versus retail dynamics. 

The Result

In just five days, the expert delivered a 23-page report on the new market, giving brand executives the insights they needed to make a data-driven decision quickly. 

The Value

On average, hiring a market research consultant through Catalant saves 40% compared to a traditional consulting firm. That savings, plus the speed with which Catalant was able to find the right expert for the work, helped the client move quickly and efficiently.

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