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What to Ask a Data Management Consultant Before Hiring Them

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Why do I need a data management consultant?

Getting the most out of your data is top of mind for leaders at nearly every business, but hiring a team of in-house experts is an increasingly expensive and time-consuming process. That’s why more organizations are seeking out high-touch, strategy-minded data management partners to modernize their systems and processes. 

However, selecting the wrong vendor will only set your organization back even further. It’s critical that organizations carefully evaluate potential consultants before hiring them and handing over critical information and systems access. 

Phase 1 of this process is what we call Project Origination, where the hiring organization defines its challenges, risks, objectives, and desired outcomes; then moves on to vendor evaluation and selection

This is where many leaders fall flat. Without expert guidance on what questions to ask themselves and prospective vendors, some will inevitably miss out on real opportunities to drive bottom-line value with improved data management capabilities.

What questions should I ask a data management consultant?

To help leaders get to the right vendor more quickly, our friends at Treehouse Technology Group have put together a handy checklist of 30 questions that will help align the organization and choose the right vendor for the right work. Answering these questions methodically at the outset of a project will give your organization a critical advantage when implementing the work. 

30 Questions You Must Ask Your Data Management Consultant Before Hiring Them

30 Questions You Must Ask Your Data Management Consultants Before Hiring Them


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