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Financial Times: The Gig Economy and the White-Collar Worker

gig economy hits the white-collar worker

In a Financial Times article, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson interviewed some top executives at a few of the world’s leading companies on how they partner with Catalant to operate with agility and accelerate mission-critical work.

A theme emerged among interviewees: they all felt the pain of not having access to the skills required to keep up with rapidly evolving market conditions. The rapid pace of innovation necessary to innovate and stay ahead of the competition compelled these business leaders to think differently about how they access talent, whether the skills and expertise they needed sat outside or inside their company.

As GE’s Chief Innovation Officer & CEO of Business Innovations Sue Siegel notes, people with the most sought-after skills aren’t always looking to work full-time for large corporations, which is precisely why GE turned to Catalant’s Expert Marketplace, one of the many talent pools that companies can access via Catalant’s Solutions Platform.

Companies like Shell, on the other hand, started with the Expert Marketplace and recently used the Platform to better understand, access, and deploy the skills and expertise across their employees — and to open new doors for high-potential employees by giving them exposure and opportunities to work on the company’s most critical projects.

Highlights on the Gig Economy and the White-Collar Worker

We can now optimise (sic) our own resource(s) internally rather than having to look externally.”

Huibert Vigeveno, EVP Global Commercial, Shell

[Catalant helps tap into] the innovative, flexible, younger talent that would not want to join a larger company.”

Sue Siegel, Chief Innovation Officer & CEO of Business Innovations, GE

People are taking control of their careers. The trends in the gig economy are starting to be seen in bigger companies.”

Rob Biederman, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Catalant Technologies

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