The ‘New Normal’ of Strategy Execution

Originally recorded on Thursday, June 25

By Catalant & 451 Research

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Coverage Initiation

Catalant matches internal employees and independent contractors to jobs and projects

Report Reprint: Coverage Initiation: Catalant matches internal employees and independent contractors to jobs and projects by Conner Forrest
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This downloadable report by 451 Research (now a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence) provides third-party, expert analysis of Catalant’s business model, technology, go-to-market strategy, competitive landscape, and market position.

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In the report, Conner Forrest describes how Catalant “helps to manage multiple aspects of strategy execution” through a “centralized SaaS platform to help customers design and execute their business strategies, alongside an expert marketplace that connects resources and employee capabilities to the jobs and projects customers are working on.“

Effective strategy execution requires aligning your business objectives with the work that needs to be done and the people who can make it happen. Yet, according to 451 Research survey data, enterprise leaders cite “matching employee skills to business goals/outcomes” as the number one thing that would improve their management and deployment of capabilities on their teams1.

1Source: 451 Research, “Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE): Workforce Productivity and Collaboration, Employee Lifecycle and HR,” 2020. 

Conner Forest | 451 Research

“The demand for stronger alignment between business strategy and execution is one that has been consistent in our 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE), and it’s a key theme in how Catalant defines its value proposition in the market. Additionally, Catalant’s ability to match skills or roles to key business outcomes speaks to needed skills management improvements also identified in our VoTE data. With strong funding and a uniquely bifurcated product portfolio, the company could eventually emerge as a unifying platform for business strategy relative to projects, programs, plans and resources.”

Conner Forrest
Senior Analyst, 451 Research

Research: Measuring Performance Relative to Business Strategy2

2Source: 451 Research, “Voice of the Enterprise (VoTE): Workforce Productivity and Collaboration, Work Execution Goals, and Productivity Challenges,” 2020.

Aligning your workforce with strategic objectives and outcomes is a challenge at an enterprise-wide scale — even more so when your strategy must adapt to sudden disruptions and evolve with a rapidly changing market. As Forrest comments, “the risk for obfuscation exists in every step along the way, and is exacerbated when your workforce is increasingly remote.”

The difficulty of strategy execution is highest (and the cost of misalignment greatest) for offices charged with orchestrating organization-wide initiatives. “Use cases for the Catalant platform,” Forrest writes, “include enterprise portfolio management, transformation workstreams, post-merger integrations, organizational redesigns and centers of excellence. Catalant is most effective on work that is cross-functional.”

For these large strategic initiatives, organizations often rely upon global consulting firms and their proprietary program management tools to provide focus and direction. “Companies could use Catalant,” Forrest notes, “to transition out of consulting engagements, and to manage their transformations or program and project management capabilities internally.”

40% of businesses polled actively communicate their business strategy to employees.
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