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2023 Agile Consulting Trends Report

Download Catalant’s Agile Consulting Trends Report to understand how leading organizations, private equity firms, and consulting firms navigated constant change throughout 2022 and how your organization can apply these trends to your 2023 plan to operate efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

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consulting for private equity: why PE prefers independent consulting

Consulting for Private Equity: Why PE Prefers Independent Consultants

When it comes to consulting for private equity, understand why today’s top PE firms prefer working with independent consultants.

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Private Equity Operating Partners Improve ROI With Independent Consultants

Learn why private equity operating partners today are hiring independent consultants and why Catalant’s platform is where firms are making those hires.

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Why Private Equity Operating Partners Need an Agile Business Strategy

Learn why private equity operating partners should infuse agility into their strategy and why agility is necessary to gain a competitive edge.

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