Core Platform Features

Initiative Templates

Many of our customers find themselves repeating the same set of projects associated with a given type of initiative, so creating an initiative using a template saves a lot of time and helps to standardize work.

You can now save templates from existing initiatives on the Initiative Details page or slide-out. Saved templates will be available to any admins on your team, making it easier to manage your team’s institutional knowledge when creating new bodies of work and allowing you to increase consistency in how work is structured across initiatives.

Consistently structuring work in the same way for similar initiatives also allows you to pattern match areas where the template may need to be strengthened or streamlined, enabling you to improve upon how you execute certain bodies of work over time.


Stage Gating

Most of our customers have predefined processes for pipeline management that define how they break down work into discrete phases and set governance processes for approving initiatives and projects.

With the enhancements we’ve made to stage gating within the platform, you can now set up custom stages, decide which stages need approval, and assign roles to ensure that the right people are signing off on potential work.


Streamlined Health Updates

There are many scenarios when you may want to provide a status update for your initiative or project without changing the health status of the work. We’ve decoupled those two distinct processes to make it possible to provide faster updates into work progress and health.

Streamlining this process is a high priority, so there will be more to come in making it as easy as possible to submit health updates and understand how work is going.


Table View for Work Planning

Some of our customers, especially those who have become accustomed to consuming data from spreadsheets, prefer list views for organizing work.

Now, with the Table View for Work Planning, you can see all of your projects in one table, aggregate data, filter down, and manage ongoing work at scale.


New Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a new tab on both Initiative and Project pages to make it easier for you to stay informed about work progress and communicate with your team.

Through your Activity Feed, which can be found on your overview pages and on initiative and project slide-outs, you can comment on activities and mention specific teammates to flag their attention and ask questions about specific workstreams.


Improved Flow for Changing Initiative Owners and Descriptions

In many cases, roles and responsibilities shift on major cross-functional initiatives, and the scope of work can also change.

Now, you are able to easily reassign initiative owners and make changes to the scope of work, allowing for greater flexibility and ensuring accuracy of initiative governance.


Expert Marketplace Features

Public Expert Profiles Launch

If you’re an expert on the Catalant Platform, we’ve created public Expert Profiles to help you expand your reach outside the platform. Activating your public profile will allow you to share your profile with people outside of Catalant. It will also make it possible for prospective clients to discover your profile through major search engines, similar to how you can adjust the settings on social media platforms to make your social profiles appear in a Google search.

Through your public Catalant profile, your potential customers will be able to provide a quick summary of their business needs and how they think your experience is a fit. And you’ll take it from there, with Catalant’s easy-to-use contracting, project workspace, payment, and customer review systems.


Alternate Payment Type for Extensions

We’ve gotten feedback that clients, depending on the circumstance, may need to use a different payment method when extending a project. It’s now possible to extend a project and use a different payment method than the parent project, offering both clients and experts more flexibility.

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