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Research, stories & insights on transitioning to an agile operating model

Rethinking Supply Chain Resilience in 2022: Agile Strategies for Your Business

Get expert advice on how to achieve supply chain resilience during a time of ongoing disruption. Kara Yokley and Benjamin Grant — expert supply chain consultants from RRDS Chicago — guide a discussion with supply chain expert Brian Aoaeh of REFASHIOND Ventures.

The Path Ahead: Exploring Catalant’s 2022 Roadmap

Building a consulting practice shouldn’t seem as overwhelming as climbing Mount Everest, diving to the deepest points of the ocean, or soaring into outer space. This webinar is a guided tour through consulting industry trends and an early look at possible products and services to prepare you to develop your consulting practice and go-to-market through Catalant’s Expert Marketplace. 

agile business problem solving: webinar with Andrew

Adopting an Agile Business Strategy in Your Enterprise

Discover agile business problem solving, the critical capability your company needs to manage flexible yet strategic planning in 2022 and beyond.

Catalant Payments 101: Understanding the Payment Process

How does the Catalant payment process work? When can I expect my payment to clear? What’s the best way to schedule milestones to minimize wait time? Watch Catalant’s Expert Community team as they answer these questions and more, clarifying the payment process for engagements you close through the Catalant platform.

Transformation: How to Put Innovation to Work for You

Accelerating technological change and rapidly evolving market conditions are continuously pressuring large, complex organizations to increase speed, drive efficiency, and improve customer experiences. To orchestrate and execute at scale, organizations are finding innovative ways to build cultures and capabilities that enable continuous business transformation.

Voices Behind the Platform: Qualifying & Pitching Projects Like A Pro

So you’ve created your Expert profile, designed your deliverable-based services, and identified potential projects. Now for the most important part: qualifying the opportunity and crafting a compelling, winning pitch that will showcase your brand, catch a client’s eye, and set you up to win.

Onward and Upward: Why & How Strategic Portfolio Management Will Drive Growth in 2021 and Beyond

To keep pace and compete in increasingly dynamic markets, organizations are forced to reexamine how they align work and execution efforts with their most important goals.

Driving Business Model Transformation with a Flexible Workforce

As market and competitive disruptions continue to push enterprises to adopt new business models, figuring out how to properly resource initiatives with the right skills and capabilities is top of mind for executives.

Keys to Managing a Flexible Workforce at Scale

According to recent HBS and BCG research, 60% of business leaders said they would increasingly prefer to “rent,” “borrow,” or “share” talent with other companies. An astounding 90% of business leaders said they expected working with on-demand talent platforms to be critical to the success of their strategic initiatives in the future.

Modernizing IT with Outsourced Data Strategy

In this LiveCast, you’ll learn why more organizations are working with data management consultants and contractors, how to integrate service providers with your in-house team, and deliver business impact beyond cost reduction.

Driving Strategy Execution: Operating Models for Adaptive Workforce Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased pressure to build digital capabilities that promote growth and drive efficiency through new business models and ways of working. To keep pace with the accelerating rate of innovation and compete in increasingly dynamic markets, organizations large and small must now reexamine traditional models for strategy execution and workforce management in order to compete.

Beginner’s Guide: December 2020

Join Catalant Enterprise Account Manager Alex McCrory as he shares how our customers are using the Expert Marketplace to access elite expertise to accelerate mission-critical work.

Marketplace Master Class

Marketplace Master Class: November 2020

Join Catalant’s VP of Product Marketing Steven Duque and Sales Engineer Hutch Hurwitz on November 12th as they showcase how our customers are using the Expert Marketplace to access and build a bench of on-demand expertise to make sure they get the right people on their critical work.

Beginner’s Guide: October 2020

Join Catalant Marketplace Manager Kyle Brown as he shares how our customers are using the Expert Marketplace to access elite expertise to accelerate mission-critical work.

Building & Marketing Your Consulting Practice with Catalant’s Expert Marketplace

Thousands of independent consultants and specialized firms have turned to Catalant to help them grow and manage their practices. Now, you can join the Catalant Expert Community team as we explain how to unlock opportunities posted to the Catalant Expert Marketplace and share best practices to help you align your independent consulting practice with our platform’s easy-to-use functionality.