At Catalant, we are proud to be one of the only companies that makes the on-demand economy truly empowering for everyone we serve: highly successful enterprises, and highly skilled talent.

The past several years have uncovered a new set of challenges, opportunities, and expectations around the way we engage the smartest minds and harness their expertise. If we’ve learned anything about our elite community of consultants over the course of the pandemic, it’s that they want flexibility, autonomy, and respect for the incredible value they bring to their clients and work. And that respect needs to start with us.

We are deeply committed to creating a home for tens of thousands of the best independent consultants to come together and change the world – one business problem at a time. We’re more than just a platform provider for our Experts; we’re a partner to you as you build your consulting practices and grow with us. And we’re incredibly excited to introduce you to someone who will help you take your practice to the next level, who will listen to your ideas and make sure your voices are heard, and who will work to make Catalant a company that works FOR you, not just with you.

Meet our new Head of Expert Engagement, Marty Kaufman. 

Marty is a longtime Catalant expert and consultant who will be your trusted partner, sounding board, liaison, and advocate. As a fellow consultant, he understands the needs of the community and the strengths – and weaknesses – of the Catalant platform when it comes to Expert experience. 

Marty started his career as an independent consultant in corporate training and development advisory services for a large hospital chain in Tennessee, after which he co-founded and led a technology training consultancy in New York City and Washington, D.C. that grew to include more than thirty consulting trainers. He then joined Hassett Willis & Company (now HWC) as their first hire and helped grow that firm by more than 100% for several years as Engagement Manager and Managing Director. During this time, Marty and his team led groundbreaking work in long-range planning and climate change adaptation for the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA – a testament to the profound impact of boutique consultancies.

He later spent several years as an engagement and capture manager at PwC, doing his requisite stint at a major institutional consulting company which he considered rewarding but not nearly as fun as independent consulting, to which he shortly thereafter returned, founding Infinipoint and doing strategic planning and leadership development work. One of his early clients was WeddingWire (now The Knot Worldwide), which brought him on permanently as the first VP of Operations and then VP of Customer Experience, focused on optimizing the experience and engagement of a community of more than 100,000 independent and small businesses. Marty supported WeddingWire’s acquisition of The Knot, setting up the Sales, Success, and Support organizations, and then once again returned to the world of independent consulting, this time on the Catalant platform.

When Catalant co-founder and CEO Pat Petitti reached out to the Expert community to share the company’s plans to hire someone to focus exclusively on improving the Expert experience, Marty jumped at the chance to apply and to combine his decades-long passions for consulting, customer experience, and marketplaces into one singular role.

Why did Marty embrace this role at Catalant and what is he most looking forward to in working with all of you? Here’s Marty in his own words:

  • “I was given the opportunity to work with a focused and dynamic team to help high-performing consultants over-deliver for clients and change the world. I’m not as bright or gifted as many of the Experts on Catalant, but I’m certainly smart enough to say yes.”
  • “Some of you may wonder why I’d leave my longtime consulting practice behind to do this! Well, I don’t recall the last time an opportunity spoke so strongly to where I love to operate. Meeting the Catalant team made this decision ridiculously easy. I’ve wrapped up my direct client engagements and will retain my coaching clients until our current agreements naturally end.” 
  • “As a society, we’re a little too loose with the words ‘transformation’ and ‘disruption’ these days. But there’s no doubt Catalant sits at the crest of an enormous shift redefining the future of work.”
  • “Our leading marketplace is an essential starting point. But the goals and aspirations of the existing Expert community–and all those who will join us in the years to come–are more diverse and rich than we could have imagined even 10 years ago. I’m all-in on understanding these needs and then helping Catalant deliver the unique value that unleashes the potential of this amazing community.”

We’re unbelievably excited to work with Marty on creating an experience that respects, supports, and invests in our Experts and helps all of you get the very most from Catalant and its clients. 

Do you have ideas on how to improve your Catalant experience? Would you like to share stories of how you’ve leveraged Catalant to grow your practice? Are there things that the platform doesn’t currently provide that you need in order to meet your goals? We are eager to hear from you. Please drop Marty a line directly at These valuable conversations will help Marty and the team improve the way we engage Experts and the resources we provide for you.