The Challenge

A Fortune 500 Health Care Company needed a team to help understand the overall social and financial potential, requirements, and ways to play in a new market.

Working with Catalant

The People

A bespoke team was led by a former CEO with 36 years industry experience, with a 20 year management consulting veteran, a former industry SVP of R&D, a consulting SVP with 25 years industry experience, an Investment Banking M&A specialist, and a current industry operator.  

The Work

The team was tasked with delivering market research and competitive analysis, market size/TAM analysis, partnership assessment, value chain analysis, literature review and new business model.  

The Result

The client was able to successfully enter a new product market as it looks to identify, fund and create new business opportunities while continuing to strengthen and grow its core business.  

The Value

The Fortune 500 client would have orginially spent $438K on a similar project from a legacy consulting firm. By using the Catalant Expert Marketplace, the client was able to connect with an industry-leading team of experts at 46% savings ($234K).

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